Saturday, 3 May 2008

Victoria & David Beckham To Be The Guests Of Giorgio Armani At The Costume Institute Gala

On Wednesday I posted that there were rumours of Victoria and David Beckham attending the Costume Institute Gala on Monday.

Many of you doubted that David would be attending, as he has a game tonight against Real Salt Lake, and then another game against the New York Red Bulls the following Saturday.

Well I can CONFIRM that both are attending as guests of Giorgio Armani, which is a no brainer considering David fronted a hugely successful campaign for Emporio Armani.

I must say the last few seasons I have not been a fan of Armani's RTW collections, but I adore the Armani Privé Couture collections and I hope Victoria wears something from this range. I hope she does not do what she did at Marc Jacobs show and turn up in another designer.

Giorgio Armani is the Honorary Chair of the Costume Institutes Gala dinner, and apart from the Beckham's he will be joined by his friends and co-chairs George Clooney, Julia Roberts and others including Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, John Mayor, Camilla Belle and Ziyi Zhang.

This years theme is Superheroes: Fashion and Fantasy, but I can not see our favourite couple dressing up as Batman and Robin.

I can not wait to bring you the picture on Monday night/Tuesday morning.

Here is my wish list for Victoria from the Armani Privé Spring 2008 collection.



Anonymous said...

if its going to be from ur wish list the plz let it be 1 from the bottom 3

Tina said...

I'm not so sure that the source confirms they are guests of Armani, he is officially taking TomKat as his guests. I would've imagined Victoria will go with Marc Jacobs as both her designer guest and designer outfit. None of those outfits you posted, although nice, are "superhero" themed. I guess a lot of the outfits will be custom-made to fit the theme of the night.

Anonymous said...

WOW! The blue dress is amazing!!

Posh 2.0

Fashion Critic said...

Tina what the hell are you talking about? The source is Giorigo Armani's PR. Geez, did you even check the source at the bottom? I bet you didn't.

And to your second point. Not everyone goes matching the theme. Victoria is hardly going to dress up as Wonder Woman or Catwoman is she. Use your common sense....if you have any. I did say they were on my WISH LIST.

Good I hate stupid comments like yours.

Laura said...

Ignore her FC, Tina is obviously a f*cking idiot.

Meg said...

Don't see her in any of the Armani, maybe a modified version or something or maybe in Mouret or Alaia.

It'll be interesting if David goes and if he turns up to training on tuesday.

Amber said...

The 2nd dress from the bottom 3 (the white one) is beautiful. I wish she'd wear one of these, she's been wearing cute but unglamorous dresses lately.

Jessica said...

Reading the source it is pretty clear that they are guests of Giorgio Armani. I don't think Armani would send out such a release to PR newswire if it were not true.

Thanks for your hard work in sourcing this FC x

Joanne said...

Those dresses are super-glam but not super-hero themed.

I don't think Tina is a "fucking idiot", she made some good points, whether they come true or not is another matter and she was not abusive either. This isn't the Por Amor forums where people are sectioned if they make a comment against the all-powerful admin.

Fashion Critic said...

Joanne, when Victoria arrived at the Anglomania event she wore red dress, not a union jack dress.

Not everyone dresses to the theme.

As I said before these dresses are my WISH LIST.

I wish you would read the text before writing your comments. I said:

"This years theme is Superheroes: Fashion and Fantasy, but I can not see our favourite couple dressing up as Batman and Robin".

I am not redress this again, as you guys are taking all the fun out of this and taking the whole thing too seriously. Lighten up for god sake and stop taking everything so literally.

Janie said...

I'm looking forward to seeing oics or vid of the both of them should we all be lucky enought o get them. I'm sure whomever Victoria wears to the show , she will look stunning as usual.

brit said...

i lv both the dresses on the top right and next one down, so gorgeous