Friday, 2 May 2008

Heidi Klum's Edible Birthday Gift To Victoria Beckham

Heidi Klum's birthday gift to Victoria Beckham was a dozen cupcakes from LA favorite Sprinkles.

But apparently the giving doesn't stop there. Sprinkles will be delivering a dozen cupcakes to Victoria every Friday for a whole year, with a different flavor each week.

"It will cost Heidi around $2,000." an insider told In Touch magazine. "The card said 'Happy Birthday, expect a dozen every Friday! Love, Heidi.'"

When Victoria was interviewed by Barbara Walters as one of the 10 Most Fascinating People of 2007, Barbara asked the Victoria if she would ever eat a cookie. Vic's reply was a simple, "No." (lol, that still makes me chuckle)

I can not see Victoria eating these cupcakes, so I guess Brooklyn, Romeo and Cruz can get to eat them on a Friday rotation.



Colleen said...

no offense to heidi, but i think that is the dumbest gift idea for vb of all people

Allie said...

Aww that's actually a cute idea. Maybe not for Victoria though.

Fashion Critic said...

Colleen...I strongly agree with you.

peach said...

I know it's a good gift for the person who has everything - I mean really, what can you buy Victoria? But there is no way she's going to eat those. Maybe Heidi figured it would be nice for the kids?

It does seem ridiculous. I hope it wasn't a dig at VB.

Je suis l'art said...

I a pair of shoes every friday would've worked better than cupcakes =/ I mean the C.C. is great but not for Victoria Beckham =|

Melissa said...

I'd eat them

Jane said...

F.C. Do you think its kind of a joke gift?

adrad said...

Maybe its a symbolic sweet gift?

Regarding the dress shown here, I know a lot of folks admired it, but must say I dislike those baggy sleeves. The same dress (color, grecian drapes) would be so much better as sleeveless.

krisha said...

i thought heidi was being a smarta** when she gave victoria this gift of cupcakes, but i think it will keep the boys happier every friday, i know as a kid i would have loved it!

I think it would have costed heidi more than $2000 if she directly got victoria something she would like.