Sunday, 4 May 2008

Bitter WAG Speaks 2 Years Later About Victoria Beckham At The World Cup

Recognise that woman on the left? Nope, me neither.

She is Fiona Barratt interior designer and girlfriend of England footballer Sol Campbell.

The girl obviously needs some publicity, as she is now talking about Victoria Beckham 2 years after she encountered her at the World Cup.

Here is what she says to the Sun (of all papers) about Victoria.

Speaking of the treatment of the WAGs by the paparazzi and reporters during the World Cup in 2006 - when this picture of her was taken - Fiona says: "They had no idea who I was, thought I didn't have a pot to p**s in and had no idea of my background. I didn't care and got on the bus with my Financial Times and my sudoku".

"The nonentity WAGs had to walk out first. The higher the profile, the later they were. Of course, Queen Bee Victoria came out last, there being at least ten or 15 minutes before she appeared, and her hair and make-up team were all in the lobby. I sat and watched the whole charade. Victoria Beckham... what a nightmare. She's such a prima donna."

Geez imagine being that bitter for 2 years, how incredibly sad. Sometimes you just have to know your place in life and Fiona you were a nobody then, and a nobody now.

You speak of reading the Financial Times, yet you are speaking to a down market newspaper like the Sun.

Sort your life out.



brit said...

mmm she sounds classy.... that was incredibly interesting... thanx for the info!?!

peach said...

Why is she calling it a 'charade'? Does Victoria pretend she doesn't have a hair and makeup team everywhere? Does she act like she doesn't know there's going to be a lot of interest in her? sour grapes, this one.

ryan said...

I like your response to her FC, very true. She has some issues going on.

Janie said...

Silly Bitch

Michelle said...

What is she doing or thinking about when told this to the papers?
I think she is not going to atract any publicity with this bull shit!
Victoria surely is the queen bee.. and than? Certainly she do not like but.. it hard being fabulous!kkkkkkkk

Amber said...

I second Peach!

Posh Lou said...

("Fiona you were a nobody then, and a nobody now.") HERE< HERE!
SkAn*y Bitch get over your self
prune tits