Thursday, 8 May 2008

David Beckham Blogs

Hi everyone,

To top a great birthday on Friday, we managed to get a good draw against Real Salt Lake on Saturday, which was very pleasing, because we didn’t have the best of starts against them. We didn’t play well for the first 20 minutes and it took a few tackles before we livened up and got ourselves back in the game.

I’m delighted to have scored again. My game is mostly about making goals for others, but obviously if a chance does come along I’ll happily take it, so I’m pleased I could contribute with a couple of goals and help us draw the game away from home.

We have Red Bull New York next and we’re at home again, so we’ll be looking for another good performance to keep us up near the top of the league.

Speak to you all soon
Take care,


I was hoping he would talk about the Gala :(



Anonymous said...

Perhaps there was no need for David to mention the Gala as it was posted as a news item on his website the following day.

"06 MAY 2008
David’s Night Out

David and Victoria attended the Costume Institute Gala last night as guests of Italian designer Giorgio Armani.........."

In addition, he seldom talks about his activities off the pitch in his blogs.
He is a babe....

Meg said...

I've noticed his blogs are only about football or charity. He never once mentioned the Spice Girls tour, which surprised me.