Wednesday, 21 May 2008

Manchester Utd Win The Champions League

David Beckham will be very happy to know that his former team, Manchester United won the Champions League this evening.

Real Madrid won La Liga, Manchester United won the Premiership and the Champions League.

I bet he would give anything to be back in Europe playing real football.

UPDATE: Yawn to all the negatives comments received, which I have deleted following this post, they really don't bother me. I am way passed caring about the negative comments.

A blog entitles the blogger to write their thoughts and opinions. I do not expect you all to agree with them, but the personal attacks are just plain boring, and to hide behind "Anonymous" is just plain spineless.

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Posh said...

what is real football anyway??

it was his choice to play here in LA...

patty said...

ha ha FC- ur too funny.
you all had him to watch in Europe forever...can't you spare him for a little while?
as someone who recently signed on for 5 (count 'em) 5 soccer (= fotbol =) channels just to see him play as much as possible, i can tell u he seems to be enjoying himself and having fun too...although i've nothing to compare it to as i've never seen him play before this season.
i must say i enjoy the sport enormously...very suspense-ful.

peach said...

I'm American and know next to nothing about the sport and even I know that you cannot compare American soccer to European football. Just watch a few games - oops, I mean matches. ;)

Fashion Critic said...

Real, football is played at the highest level with top professionals.

Example of where real football is played is in the Premiership, La Liga, and the Bundesliga to name a few.

Yes it was his choice to move to LA, but even he has said that if Real Madrid had wanted him to resign at the end of that year, he would have stayed. So basically he had no choice.

I have never pretended that I liked David moving to LA to play football...sorry "soccer" and I have been very open about that on my blog.

Posh2 said...

David wanted to come here, he was miserable in Spain. The United States appreciates the good that he does on and off the field, but England treated him like crap for years now. No wonder he crossed the pond.

shannon moore said...

"Real football?" Them's fightin' words, my dear! I live in LA and I'm damned proud of the football Becks is playing here. He's literally changed the nature of the game in the US. Would he prefer to be playing in Europe? Not sure. Would he prefer to be STILL playing with ManU? Of course! But (taking the high road here) for various reasons, he chose to leave that club, and the rest is history.

Regarding the game, I watched it and, honestly, it was a draw. Both teams played amazingly well. Whenever a game comes down to penalty kicks, it's a crap shoot. If John Terry hadn't slipped, the title would have gone to Chelsea. If anyone screwed up, it was Ronaldo. His kick was totally predicted and blocked by Chelsea's goalkeeper (who, by the way, I believe was the most valuable player of the game). Bottom line, both teams played to their potential and, even though there had to be a winner at the end, they are both winners in my book.

peach said...

He has raised the profile certainly but no way is soccer at the high level of European football.

ayuni said...

yeah i miss seeing him play in europe too. i watched the man u vs chelsea match until 5.30am in the morning!!! but its totally worh it cause manchester united won!!! wuuuhooooo!!!!

Posh&Becks said...

I think it was a great game, and som really good football. Man United was best in the first half and Chelsea in the other. Anyway, Man United is the best, and they will always be. Go the red devils<3
I also miss David playing in Europe, but hopefully he's happy in LA.