Sunday, 11 May 2008

Pretty In Pink Victoria Beckham Departs LAX Headed For London

Here are some stunning pictures of Victoria Beckham leaving LAX yesterday en route to London. Which means she is here already. (Yay)

Queen Victoria looked stunning in a pair of dVb pink jeans, which I could not get away with, but Victoria looks amazing. No doubt a preview from her new collection. She also wore her trusty Gucci bomber jacket, her dVb ray-ban-esqe glasses and one of her many Birkin bags.

She is coming to London to promote her dVb collection in Harrods and whilst here she will also have a radio interview with BBC Radio 1 DJ, Jo Wiley.

I love when VB comes to town, because we will get loads of candids.

You can see a video of Victoria at LAX here.

It has been reported recently that Victoria Beckham is being courted to appear in Steve Coogan's upcoming Alan Partridge movie.

Producers of the movie are reportedly trying to get Victoria to sign up as the tactless presenter's assistant.

An insider claimed that the movie had stalled while producers debated who should be cast as Partridge's long-suffering assistant.

Victoria has impressed the filmmakers with her wit.

The source said: "The Partridge film has been in pre-production for an age. One reason was because they couldn?t agree on Lynn".

"Felicity Montagu, who played Lynn in the series, doesn't want to go to Hollywood and the film's backers decided they wanted a big name to replace her."

"It was also important to them to have a Brit and someone with a sense of fun."

Victoria fits the bill perfectly. I would love to see her on the big screen.

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Anonymous said...

Really cute jeans.

Posh 2.0

Ahlia said...

the jeans are soooo GOOD!!!
wish i could get away with wearing them!
can't wait to hear her on jo wiley
hope she does do the Alan Partridge movie too!she's be Fabulous

Posh&Becks said...

I love the jeans! She looks so nice in them. I wish I could get some, but I live in Norway and I don't know where to find them. If anyone knows, please tell me.

Love Victoria<3

Anonymous said...

she is so beautiful and can honestly wear anything and still look fabulous

Rock*Star said...

I can't wait to see her new collection in stores ..

Thos Pinky Jeans are so COOL !
I gotta have one ..

chikk said...

i personally think the pink jeans are a little tacky... she looked hotter in the yellow jeans ..
but she VB can pull these off!

adrad said...

I don't mind the pink color, but looking closely at some of the shots (specially the back shot) shows the jeans are not a perfect fit for her, even though I am sure they are a custom fit. I have heard from many people that DVB jeans are not well cut for their price range and this is the reason they are not selling well.