Wednesday, 7 May 2008

Victoria And David Beckham's New A List Pal

David and Victoria Beckham were treated to a ride on Giorgio Armani's private jet at the weekend.

The couple were joined by George Clooney, to fly 2,800 miles from LA to New York ahead of the star-studded Metropolitan Museum's Costume Institute Gala on Monday night.

Victoria and David Beckham are said to have had a lot of fun on the flight as they sipped on Cristal champagne during the flight.

"George was only recently introduced to the Beckhams but they hit it off straight away," says a source. "He totally digs Victoria's dry, very British sense of humour and gets her jokes, which a lot of Americans don't."

"They went out for dinner the evening before their flight but the trio really bonded on the plane, swapping gossip and doing hilarious impressions," the source tells the Daily Mirror.

After the gala the group went clubbing at the infamous Bungalow 8.

As a comedy duo, Victoria and George would be perfect.



chiara said...

That's one step closer to get the Beckhams and the Jolie-Pitt's together, I'm dreaming of that moment

JennR said... I love Victoria a lot and think she is just gorgeous but in this pic she looks like a total drop kick becuase she is not smiling. Everyone else has a ncie smile on their face and then there is Victoria trying to look feirce... why wont this women smile? I liek her smile?
Any ideas??

Patricia said...

Aw, I usually don't mind that Victoria chooses not to smile. But I sorta wish she would have on this pic with Clooney and Armani. Everyone else just looks so happy.

Oh gosh, I don't know how I'd feel about the Beckhams and Jolie-Pitt's, Chiara. I'm not such a fan of that couple. But Clooney and the Beckhams makes such a perfect match! Such lightheartedness :)

ryan said...

ew no not Angelina and Brad lol. I'll cry if that happens.

bbperfume said...

All the recent friends introduced to DVB are acquired by money & fame. The Jolie-Pitts don't need to feel associated with certain ppl.There are more important things in the world...

jdg6385 said...

Oh FC if you could only be a fly on the wall to see that humor flying around.

Fashion Critic said...

she has said that she does not like her smile.

She also mentioned in on interview that you don't see people like Madonna smiling in pictures (I think she was referring to candids)

I agree with all who said she should have smiled.

People who see this picture will just think she is miserable as they don't know she is a nice funny person like we know her to be.

douglas said...

I love ur blog!
keep it girl!
Doug from Japan

doug said...

i luv ur blog! ;)
keep it posh! :P

Anonymous said...

You support the malicious, vicious tabloid magazine "Reveal" by posting the article that was written about Victoria on your '' blog. The article is to defame, spread rumors about Victoria and her relationship with David. Don't you understand it?
Are you so wicked and evil( or stupid and thick) that you post that on your blog with Victoria's name regardless all the lies and false info ?
Is your comprehension on reading ( reading skill) so poor that you don't get it? Or you don't care as long as there is anything is about Victoria & David you will post? You said you are a fan. From your action it shows you AREN'T not. That article is rubbish, but, apparently it is a worthy article for you. SIIIICK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Fashion Critic said...

Whoever you are. You are an idiot. This is my blog. I do not write the '' blog, so why don't you take your issue up with that person.

It looks like you are the one who can not read, now get lost and get a life.

I guess I will not be getting an apology from you. Fool.

See what I have to deal with people.

a'fad said...

ANONYMOUS <--- u piece of shit! i bet u have nothing more to do. i wish u would hit by a car & we all will be laughing at u..

FC.. u have my support FOREVER!!

Janie said...

Well said FC. Besides which this is as you say your blog so if you wanted you could put anything you like. (But I get it the blog they spoke of isn't you) Who was that person ? Nutter!

Fashion Critic said...

thanks guys. These people are not worth our time, but I just wanted to address one of these idiots.

ryan said...

anonymous.. go get lost you ignorant SOB

Amber said...

Lol at that anonymous person. How dumb is he/she? Although I guess he/she seems to be a hardcore fan of VB, but I hardly think she'll appreciate having idiots as fans.

As for the person who said anonymous should be hit by a car, i think that's a bit too much. Let the idiot live his/her idiotic life. It's probably a sad one anyway.

You don't have to deal with them alone, FC. Just keep posting the dumb quotes and we'll all have a laugh. :)

lovley_posh said...

Anonymous are you in crisis of the lack of attention? Go f..k yourself
you sound like a stupid idiot...if theres nothing better to say why come on this blog? IDIOT!