Saturday, 3 May 2008

David Beckham's Sharpie Ad Campaign

In a change from David Beckham's usual glamourous advertising contracts with Emporio Armani underwear, Police sunglasses and Motorola, David is the global ambassador for Sharpie permanent markers, which are widely regarded as the best autograph marker for celebrities.

Adverts, which are set to air in July, will show David using Sharpie to autograph a variety of unusual items for his fans.

The star has previously said of the partnership: "I have always enjoyed signing autographs for people, especially since I used to love getting my heroes' signatures when I was younger."



peach said...

That ad has been on in the states - but no Becks in the ad. He doesn't talk, and they don't show his face, unfortunately.

lima said...

there is going to be one with him it was on skynews he was shooting the ad in LA

Colleen said...

Oh really that's such a bummer :( What's the point of paying him if they aren't really going to use him? Haha!

Hey FC I was looking at you're blogs from 2006, and it's amazing how far this site has come along! You're quite major!

madzz* said...

If this is the ad you're talking about:

It doesn't even have him in it! :(

Ranee said...

ditto what she said. they also have a print ad campaign that is a ping pong ball that he does the same thing as he does to the golf ball to.

Fashion Critic said...

No these are not the ads.

Like I said the ads come out in July. In on of the ads he is featured with a little girl.

He definitely appears in the new ads.

Jenny said...

wow he really is a global ambassador..he could sell practically anything!