Wednesday, 14 May 2008

Victoria Beckham's Interview On GMTV

Victoria Beckham has long been criticised for not smiling, but she insists nature, rather than a being miserable.

She after all has plenty to smile about - handsome husband, healthy children and millions in the bank. She says her stern appearance simply comes down to the the structure of her face.

She told Fiona Phillips on GMTV today: "When I see pictures I do sometimes think 'You miserable cow!' But I think it's just the way my face falls. If people like the way I look then great, and if they don't then fine."

She clears up many rumours.

1. She is not going to dance with the Pussycat Dolls - THANK GOD
2. She is not styling for Tom Cruise's new film
3. She is not pregnant

You can see the rest of the interview below.

Part 2 airs tomorrow.



jenny said...

she seems so much more upbeat and cheerful in this interview and i love that picture of her..yeah yeah we know she doesnt smile but she looks amazing when she does

brit said...

Uh i adore her! She is fabulous, so glad she did this interview with GMTV. Thank you FC!

jamie lynn said...

well victoria, i can think of a TON of people who LOVE the way you look (hubby & i included!), smiles or not! fantastic, can't wait to see part 2!

Forever-Posh said...

I love that interview! Can't wait to see part two where we see here crawling all over the floor!

Stephanie said...

i absolutely LOVE her <3 shes so charming and always looks extremely smart in her chic attire

Carol said...

What a great interview! Very relaxed and the lady is doing a great job with Victoria.

Camerynn said...

I love her smile!

engellic said...

she's very her!!!