Wednesday, 21 May 2008

David Beckham's New Love....His Jeep

David Beckham was driving around LA yesterday after his big in Dallas.

David and cutie Romeo went for a ride around town.

These pictures are so cute as Romeo could barely even see over the dashboard with his big sunglasses.

Reader Pamstoybenz son sold the car to David. They will be happy to can see the car is in good hands.

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Meg said...

looks like a fun car for summer.

btw intimately won a bunch of fifi awards

shannon moore said...

Um, doesn't anyone think it's strange that Becks' son is in the front seat? Assuming his new Jeep has the ability to disable the airbag for the passenger seat (which most SUV's don't have) and that his son's age and weight exempt him from California's law requiring children to ride in the back seat, why would he let his child ride in the front seat?

I think the sun rises and sets on David Beckham, but I seriously question his decision to allow his son to ride in the front seat of his car. I'm just going to tell myself that it was unavoidable because the back seats had been removed so that they could be embedded with the family crest!

Je suis l'art said...

It's official i'm going to get me one of those.

Fashion Critic said...

I agree. I was more of a Range Rover type of girl, but seeing David in this Jeep has made me realise that it is on sexy machine

Je suis l'art said...

Range rovers are awesome but too elegant for summer trips...I can't imagen going to the beach or camping with a high tech Range Rover...the Jeep is awesome for Summer lovin' lol. And MUCH cheaper than the Range. But still if you get a Range (or have) I'd be very jelous.haha.