Sunday, 18 May 2008

Don't Believe Perez Hilton

Perez Hilton's reported that only 50 people turned up Victoria Beckham's Harrods signing in London, after reading the London Paper and this is just not true.

It was more like 140, which yes, can still be seen to some as disappointing.

I think a lot of people did not know about it.

It was barely mentioned in any press apart from her Mirror interview and her Radio 1 interview on the day of the signing, and her GMTV interview.

It was a horrible day in London weather-wise, and I think a lot of Spice Girls fans who would have gone, are still bitter from the tour and non-DVD release.

I did not go because I did not like the idea of being in a "non priority" queue waiting - possible for hours - and still be being able to see her.

I am not trying to make excuses, but her signing was at 5pm. At that time of day those who can afford to spend £300 on a pair of jeans are at work.

Her last signing was for her book in 2006 was at 6pm (after most people had finished work) in Selfridges (a easier store to get to) and 3000 people showed up and you did not have to buy the book and there were no priority lines.



Anonymous said...

I love VB soooo much!!! this blog is the best! but i don't think that her sighning for her book was in 1996?? if i am wrong then what book was it???

keep Going Fashion Critic!!!!!

Fashion Critic said...

sorry I was meant to write 2006

Meg said...

I heard it was around 150 in the non-priority line, don't know how many bought stuff.
Of-course Perez would do something like this, all the press declared Vic the winner of the "popularity contest" against his idol Parasite Hilton.

madzz* said...

Thank you for clarifying =]

Sara said...

According to a Harrods worker on denden, dvb sales on the day were 32,000 pounds and totalled 50,000 pounds for the week.
Pretty good if true.

a'fad said...

Let's BOYCOT Perez Hilton!!!

Ace Azri said...

the world knw perez is trying to get attention for his fat ass. so he make comments that are supposedly media attracting. argh he is crap. i love reading here (: