Friday, 23 May 2008

Is Victoria Beckham Returning To Ugly Betty?

I have read in many publications that Victoria Beckham will be returning to Ugly Betty, but when it appeared in Vogue and NY Fashion Mag, I wonder if it might be true.

Here is the article below:

Having caused a stir with her cameo appearance in Ugly Betty last season - where she played herself as a self-seeking bridesmaid - Victoria Beckham has reportedly signed up to return for a long-term stint in the show.

"The producers are delighted she will return. She is going to feature quite a bit," an on-set source tells the Sydney Morning Herald.

As well as establishing herself as a credible fashion-world force, Beckham has been keen to win the hearts of the American public since moving her family to LA with husband David last year, and a regular slot on such a popular mainstream show will no doubt help her cause.

An Ugly Betty role is becoming quite the thing to add to a fashion portfolio these days; Naomi Campbell's much-publicised cameo appearance, in the season three finale, was shown in the US last night.

What makes me question this article is:

1. The source spoke to a Sydney newspaper, why not the US publication as you would expect.
2. Victoria has said many times - most recently in her Heart FM interview - that she can not act and has no desire to act.

Other than questioning the article, were can Victoria Beckham's character - as herself - really go in the show?



Anonymous said...

currently watching game 2 of the lakers-spurs and posh and becks are there.

Fashion Critic said...

thanks, just saw the oh so cute pictures and posted them.