Friday, 9 May 2008

Victoria Beckham's Harrods Signing In London

I am very excited that Victoria Beckham will be doing an in-store signing in the luxury department store Harrods in London on Thursday 15th May, between 5pm and 6pm, which is confirmed because I just spoke to the store.

This signing is promote her new dVb collection of jeans and sunglasses.

As usual with Victoria's signings there are rules.

1. Priority is given to those who have purchased something from her collection in store between now and the 15th. You will be given a special voucher, which will allow you access to the priority queue.

2. She will only be there for 1 hour so even if you have access to the priority queue, there is no guarantee that you will get something signed.

3. There will be another queue for those who can not afford her collection, but getting something signed in this queue will depend on the priority queue.

I believe the only way to get anything signed it to arrive early. There will be a lot of hardcore fans there who will be queuing very early, if you compare it to her Selfridges book signing.

I will go along to see her, but I don't think I will queue, as I would hate to be disappointed if I did not get to meet her.

Victoria will also be interviewed on Jo Wiley's BBC Radio 1 show. I think the best chance to meet her would be outside Radio 1, although she may not stop to greet fans.

Hopefully we will see more signings around Europe and Asia.

Anyone considering going to the Harrods signing?

These new pictures are of Victoria leaving her office in LA via the underground parking lot escorted by her bodyguard.

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Rock*Star said...

GOOD LUCK FC .. Hope U make it :)

I hope she comes to Asia sometime , we would love to see her here ..

Tiette said...

damn, i wish i could go but i 've got exams

mindy said...

I was at her signing in Toronto at Holt Renfrew, I was able to see her because I made a purchase. However I found out that Victoria stayed an extra hour, so maybe she'll stay an extra hour? But those that were not in the priority queue did not get to meet her.
Oh and they(the ppl at the store) take one polaroid with you and Victoria. So try to get there early! otherwise they may run out of polaroid film!

Je suis l'art said...

I wish i lived in London =[

Amber said...

I wish she would come to the Beverly Hills Saks so I could get a chance to meet her. Or has she already? Sometimes I daydream that I'm meeting her and it terrifies me because I'm not sure what to wear! lol

Abby said...

Same for Chicago..most did not purchase anything because the jeans and sunglasses were so expensive. About 50 people were in the fan voucher queue..and about 25 to 35 (including myself) got in from the regular fan line. I got there an hour earlier than the event started. But at least 500 people never made it inside the store at all.

Very Posh said...

Hi FC,
I saw her in Toronto, I bought sunglasses (for $300.00 CDN) and was in the "priority" line. My sister and I decided to give her a gift (some pillow linens I received as a gift from Thailand) as a way for her to "remember" us, however, we could not get our books signed together, not allowed, so only I got to give her the gift. I dressed very "Posh like" in my $1600 Prada trench coat and boots, hoping she would think I was "major" too. Of course, she signed my book and gave the gift to her security and didn't bat an eye at my outfit, needless to say I was a little disappointed. My sister hugged her (didn't think of that)and I found my sister on a video someone took at the store, on YouTube, which made my sister happy! There were a million people there and it was over an hour before our turn in line. I am a "groupie" from the
70"s and I met a lot of famous people by waiting for them to come outside from a hotel, so your idea about waiting outside to see her is a good one! Good luck, I'll be anxious to know how it went!
Best Regards
Very Posh

Anonymous said...

Good job on this article. This is the kind of action that a fan does.
Check with the right source and make sure there isn't any lies or bashing.
Bless you.

nina1211 said...

One hour??? She should stay for at least ten hours as bad as her jeans are bombing. I was going to tell my cousin to go see her but with the rules especially the one hour rule she will never see Victoria so there is no point to go. Also the appearance is at 5 pm most who will be able to make it there in time to see Victoria. TOTAL RUBBISH!!! She doesn't live there anymore she should support the U.S. economy and promote in Chicago or Miami not in the U.K. No wonder Kitson is mad at her she doesn't even promote in the denim capital of the world Los Angeles!

Beth said...

Aww, I wish I could go! Have fun when you go :) Lucky Londoners.

Fashion Critic said...

Nina1211...She does still have a home in the UK and spent Christmas and New Year here so your commment on that point is incorrect. The Beckhams have both said that they will return to the UK to live at some point.

Her business is worldwide, so in order for it to sell worldwide she needs to promote it worldwide.

Colleen said...

Yea I'm sure you'll make it in if you get there early! When she came to the Chicago Saks, we were in the "normal" line since we didn't buy anything of hers, and she stayed an extra hour so we got to meet her. We were about the tenth people in that line. It was very rushy though, they ran out of poloraids, stopped allowing you to take any of your pictures (we stuck a picture anyways! haha), and it was like give her your thing to sign and move out of the way! I wouldn't trade it for anything though!!! SO exciting! And now I can say I've met VB...which I tell people everyday haha!

Madzz* said...

I want her to come back to Toronto and do a signing on a WEEKEND so that I don't have to miss school!! :(
I'm going to be in London at the end of June, what do you think the chances of her being back there will be? Hahah!

Christo said...

Victoria come to South Africa!!!