Friday, 18 April 2008

Who Wore dVb Jeans Better?

Every celebrity friend Victoria Beckham comes into contact with, they can't get enough of dVb.

Jennifer Lopez has worn her glasses, as has supermodel Naomi Campbell and Eva Longoria. Eva also owns dVb jeans.

NBF Kate Beckinsale is the latest celebrity to fall in love with the dVb collection.

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Rock*Star said...

this is a tough one !

both of their asses look fine in that jeans !

And about those sunglasses that both Naomi & J.LO wore ..

I'M SO IN LOVE WITH THEM, since I saw them on Victoria in the photo shoot that u can see in my ID pic ..

I wish I own one .. They're realy funky & unique ..

Janie said...

Both women are very skinny so of course they suit them both.I would like to see a more curvy girl wear them before I think about buying a pair.