Monday, 21 April 2008

David Beckham Meets Some Ballers

Here is David Beckham posing with Allen Iverson of the Denver Nuggets after the Lakers beat the Nuggets at Staples Center on Sunday.

Jenna, I know you are with me in agreement with the hotness of David and his beard here. Mmmm.....I am melting.

David is dwarfed here by 7ft...yes 7ft tall, Pau Gasol of the LA Lakers.

Pau was born in Barcelona, so I wondered if the guys spoke to each other in Spanish.



bat said...

im soooo not liking his beard!!!!!beard is ok but his mustache is ew!!and i dont lie davids suit in their party,but victoria looks very pretty!!!!

CRC said...

I doubt David and Pau spoke Spanish, considering David knows about two words in Spanish... just go listen to him speak during his press conferences with Madrid.

Fashion Critic said...

Give David some credit, he speaks more than 2 words in Spanish

Je suis l'art said...

I'd be scared to be next to that troll?