Wednesday, 30 April 2008

dVb vs. Heidiwood @ Kitson

It has been reported that Heidi Montag's clothing line Heidiwood has completely sold out Kitson, sparking a "my collections better than your collection" boast from Heidi Montag.

The fact of the matter is that Heidi's jeans cost $44.95 jeans, in comparison to dVb at $250.

Also Victoria and Heidi's products are not marketed to the same demographic.



ryan said...

Another difference is Heidi's line sucks. What kind of name is that? And plus those jeans are going to wear out in like a day, girls can buy better jeans at wal mart.

Colleen said...

ugh heidi is such an attention-hog...she'll spark drama with anyone for attention...unfortunately for her VB is not the one you wanna mess with!

Tina said...

Montag has also out-sold the likes of D&G, Cavalli etc, who are also stocked at Kitson. But of course let's pick on Victoria instead. We all know the comparison cannot be made when Victoria's jeans are premium quality and sold at $250. Montag's products are mass produced using cheap materials aimed directly at 15 year old LA hoochie mamas-in waiting.

Ranee said...

Uh because VB is complete Class and Heidi is complete trash? I can't stand Heidi she's famous for nothing and she's a hag.

Anonymous said...

i'm sure Heidi's the one buying her own stuff.. I honestly can't see anyone finding that stuff nice.

madzz* said...

what a stupid name! Victoria's jeans are so so so much nicer. It's rather disgraceful that they're even comparing the two.