Friday, 18 April 2008

The Beckham's Joint Birthday Party

Victoria and David Beckham are planning a joint birthday party this weekend and have hired PR agency Backstage Creations to round up swag from "luxury brands" to include in the parting gift bags.

I wonder if the goodie bag will include their own dVb jeans and sunglasses.

"They sent them out looking for strictly designer stuff," said one insider.

The couple only invited 25 people to the party.

David turns 33 on May 2, and Victoria turned 34 yesterday.

OK, lets play guess the celebrity guests.

1. Eva Longoria
2. Kate Beckinsale
3. Len Wiseman
4. Kobe Bryant
5. Kobe's wife
6. Elton John
7. Elton's partner David Furnish
8. Heidi Klum ?
9. Seal ?
10. Coby Jones
11. Gordon Ramsey (if he is in town)
12. Tanya Ramsey
13. VB's Mum
14. VB's dad
15. DB's mum
16. DB's dad ?
17. VB's Brother
18. VB's sister
19. DB's younger sister
20. DB's older sister
21. Tom Cruise ?
22. Katie Holmes ?
23. Simon Fuller
24. Nicky Chapman
25. Mel B ?
26. Mel B's husband ?

Any other guesses....? I'm out.

I don't think he will invite his whole LA Galaxy team mates as they will take up most of the 25 guests.



Amber said...

How about their parents maybe? or maybe they're family so they dont count. I doubt Heidi Klum and Seal will be invited tho. Just dont see it. And I'm sure Will & Jada Smith and also the Cruises will be invited.

Madzz* said...

Katie Holmes & Tom Cruise, probably.

Fashion Critic said...

thanks amber, i just logged on to post them.

I did think about Will and Jada too, but I doubt it because they have only been out once and that was to their welcome to la party. There has been no interaction since then I think.

The relationship with the Cruises I believe has cooled but I will add them anyway.

patty said...

how bout simon fueller? think u forgot him? love all the info keep up the good work(=

Fashion Critic said...

good one...thanks and thanks :)

Madzz* said...

do you think any of the spice girls will be invited? doesn't Mel.B live in L.A?

Jean said...

Her relationship with the Cruise's has not cooled, she went for dinner with them in Santa Monica the other week, and for all we know they might regularly visit their house in private. They haven't been out themselves much, let alone out with the Beckhams.

I guess the guestlist will include all his LAG team (I hardly think he would only invite a few of them), Mel B and hubby, Tom and Katie, Katie and Len, Eva, parents, siblings, Will Smith and Jada etc. I am sure not all will make it though, they will know that.

Anonymous said...

roberto cavalli & his wife?

Kelly Hoppen (Sienna Millers step mother, friend of victoria) & Nicky Clarke? (hairdresser, her bf)

Jennifer Lopez & Marc Anthony (maybe too soon after the birth(s), but anything for a photo op)

roland Mouret

Jamie King

Jay Leno

Girl Overboard said...

what about Cheryl Cole?