Wednesday, 16 April 2008

David Beckham Blogs

Hi everyone,

Well, since last week’s incredible high, beating San Jose Earthquakes and scoring my first MLS goal, this weekend there was the disappointment at losing 3-2 to Toronto FC.

Obviously, it’s still early in the season and far too early to panic, especially as we played some good football and showed our character by coming back from behind twice, but to concede a goal so late in the game was incredibly disappointing.

We need to win the next two home games, starting with Houston Dynamo on Sunday. If we can win these matches the two losses we’ve had so far will be forgotten about. We just need to get some consistency on the pitch and I’m confident with the players we’ve got that the wins will come.

That’s all for now.


The pictures are from the Lakers game on Tuesday night, which David saw the Sacramento Kings defeated the LA Lakers 124-101.

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Meg said...

lol at the pic. btw lakers beat the kings.

I can sense he's frustrated since people are panicking already, it's only the 3rd game, their main striker is still injured and people are already branding them failures.

Erica said...

wooow, he's verynaughty, looking to other's girl arse...VB won't like that

encahntress said...

i doubt he's admiring her ass though...

but theres this particular girl who's been sitting in front of him many games now... i wonder who she is? a cheer leader? she's in 2 of the photos in this set... dark/asian-looking one.
but i've seen her many times already... and one thing about her that caught my notice was the fact that she doesnt look at david in any of the photos! i dont think i can keep my eyes off him if i were THAT close!

peach said...

oh boy did he get bagged looking at the cheerleader's ass, lol. He's going to be in big trouble. ;)

itsallaboutme said...

I would think it strange if he didn't look. It's right there for all to see. Love that smirk..bad boy :)

Fashion Critic said...

I think there is nothing wrong with the cheek peek ;)

She looks like she has a great ass, judging from her hips, so he would not be a guy if he did not look.

lucyluv said...

lol wow if only vb saw that
but yeah im wondering about that dark-skinned girl too..shes always like RIGHT in front of david..a little too close in my opinion