Sunday, 27 April 2008

The Beckham's & The Beckinsales Go Ice-Skating

Two British stylish mum's, Victoria Beckham and Kate Beckinsale, took their kids to the Culver City Ice Skating Arena on Saturday afternoon.

Victoria and and Brooklyn were joined on the ice by Kate and her 8 year-old daughter Lily Mo Sheen.

Brooklyn stuck with hockey style skating, whilst Lily Mo practiced some figure skating.

Once they finished up, the two pals parted ways with Victoria and Brooklyn sneaking out the back exit and into their awaiting white Porsche sports car.

I never used to think much of Kate Beckinsale, but I do think she is the perfect BF for Victoria.

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PoOsh4EveR! said...

Hi there!
I like KB more than KH actually...
I don't know, too much influence from Victoria in her dressing? coz I liked it at the beginning, but on VB's B-Day she went quite...Well, let's leave it in the point that I didn't like her shoes :P

Amber said...

Happy Birthday FC!!

Fashion Critic said...

Hi Amber, It is tomorrow, but thanks anyways.

poshfann said...

i always liked Kate B, i think that she's one of the most beautfiu celebs... plus ive seen many of her interviews like on david letterman and she is just hilarious, more so than posh. maybe they have their british humour in common :D

pilou said...

j'adore vraiment victoria elle est tro belle et jme languis qu'elle soit enceinte

Colleen said...

this is gonna sound really silly, but bear with me its finals week...i just realized that they are both beck (BECKham and BECKinsale) they are the becks! haha