Sunday, 27 April 2008

David Beckham Happy With First Derby Win

David Beckham was happy to taste his first derby victory for with the LA Galaxy, as they beat Chivas USA 5-2 on Saturday.

David helped the Galaxy avenge two heavy defeats to the same opponents last season and, with two wins and a draw from five matches, they now sit second in the Western Conference.

At the post match press conference David said. "It was a very good team performance against a good opponent. It is always very satisfying to win a derby game because of what it means to the club and the fans".

"It could be the best night I have had since I came over here. I am delighted for everyone at the Galaxy and my team-mates."

Landon Donovan got the match ball as he scored a hat-trick and two goals from Alan Gordon sealed the win for the Galaxy. Sacha Kljestan and Ante Razov got the goals for Chivas.

OK, I was loving the beard at the early stages, but now? not so much.

Time to trim me thinks.

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Lona said...

His beard looks alright when he has some hair, but now it looks strange that he has shaved his head completely. Come on David, grow your hair back.

Ranee said...

Agreed on the beard!

The game was awesome! I'm so excited to see one in person for the first time!

PoOsh4EveR said...

Hi there!
I'm the one from Spain. Well, I think it was a good match from what I see from YouTube but I agree with you F-C...Beard not that good at this point. I hope he doesn't keep it for long...
Let's see...I really doubt Victoria will let him keep it longer? lol!

Anonymous said...

He seems to do what he likes with his image, but I suppose if Victoria begs him to shave and grow his head hair more, he should eventually give in! David doesn't usually keep these unconventional looks for long, it is clearly experimental.

Ranee said...


I thought the first half was terribly boring. It just was not that interesting and I'm still learning a lot of the rules, etc. The second half really got me interested. Then again I think I'm like that with most sports, they seem to heat up in the second half.

Anonymous said...

OMG what is he thinking. Why shaving is head and then the beard down to his neck. Don't understand this look. David please shave!!!!!!!!!!!


PoOsh4EveR!! said...

Hi Ranee;
Well, I didn't watch it all though, coz I really don't like football. Yes, I have heard and I have seen a bit of the first half, no excitement at all.
Second half heats up, quite better and I saw much of it...
I think Victoria is not much in favour of his beard, coz I bet she will force him to shave if there's anything special out there.
I guess David does whatever he likes with his image, but as is THEIR boths image what counts (coz they get a lot of money from their simple image, you know, publicity and stuff) I don't think Victoria will let him experiment quite more with that beard.
I wish you all peace and love,

faffy said...

lol! i'm hating the beard too..
sooooo not his looks..btw..what is david's real hair color? blond or brown cos romeo has blond hair too..