Tuesday, 15 April 2008

Victoria Beckham's Jeans Have Not Been Dropped

Contrary to a recent report in the UK media this weekend Victoria Beckham’s fashion line has not been dumped by Fred Segal and Kitson in Los Angeles.

Turns out that while the line isn’t dropped from Kitson, it’s definitely not performing up to expectation — and that’s being attributed to Victoria not promoting the line according to Kitson owner Fraser Ross.

He told People.com, "She’s not supporting the line. It’s not good for her brand and not good for her endorsements. In a tough economy, you need to be in partnership with the people that are selling your line to your fans. That’s the bottom line. And it’s not like she’s not nearby. Victoria lives fifteen minutes from the store. That’s just bad business."

Fraser hasn’t given up hope in reviving the line and is in talks with her people to prop up the ailing sales. "We haven’t dumped it. Hopefully there will be some kind of resolution."

If you want to boost dVb’s sales, click here to check out the line at shopkitson.com.

Thanks Ames.



Meg said...

uk vogue has another quote from the guy

Jean said...

He is just a publicity whore, he also said how he is looking forward to selling her new collection. He is contradicting himself and that's a sign that he is trying to force her into doing an in-store promo so his store gets some publicity. But it is her brand and if she doesn't want to be one of those celebs that promotes every week, then fair enough. I think she would rather Kitson dump her than some of the more prestigious chains like Saks and Selfridges anyway.

I find it hard to believe that her jeans will be selling differently to other brands at Kitson anyway, she probably has one of the most famous 'celebrity' denim brands in existence so she is competing mainly against the established brands. She knows she is a young starter in the designer world, but she also doesn't want to have a faddy, short term, over-exposed brand either.

brit said...

god our reporters really don't have anything to write about or make up... you'd think we would being in a war and all... i cant stand our press

Fashion Critic said...

Like Meg and Jean said, this guys is a publicity whore. I just read another quote from him and they are not consistent.

This sadly has nothing to do with Victoria's jeans and more about using her name to drive people to his store...sad really. I hope she pulls her jeans from there and never steps foot in there again.

Jean said...

She went to Kitson today shopping, obviously as PR to the people who think Kitson have dumped her. I suppose she had to do something to get the truth out considering she had been slandered.

kate said...

Hey Fashion Critic- just saw this on Dlisted- says our girl went to Kitson today to promote DVB here's the link: http://dlisted.com/node/25276

Love ur blog!! :)

April said...

She lives in L.A., she needs to promote the stores that carry her cloths in L.A., she never made an appearance in 9 months in the city she lives in, yet she has time to promote stores in N.Y. Its blood, sweat and tears when you want to be in business honey!

kat said...

i love dvb! on another note, that sign is so cool! any story behind it? did a fan make it?