Sunday, 13 April 2008

Victoria Beckham Jeans Dumped By Kitson & Fred Segal?

A lot of you were annoyed that I said that Victoria Beckham looked very unhappy to be at the LA Lakers game on Thursday, so I looked at every photo of her from that game and only found two photos of her smiling.

Any body language expert will tell you that despite the smile, her hand on her chin is a clear sign that she is bored, but many of you won't agree with that either.

Maybe she was slightly upset to learn that it has been reported that her fashion range is being dropped from stores following poor sales.

Fred Segal and Kitson have reportedly dropped Victoria's dVb denim range, with the latter blaming Victoria’s reluctance to promote them a key factor.

Kitson’s owner Fraser Ross reportedly said, "We asked her PR people so many times for her to appear but she didn't. Celebrity lines are no different from an album or music tour. They have to be promoted to sell."

I tried to call both stores to see if this is true, but with the time difference there is no one there yet, so I can't confirm if this story is true.

If it is true this is just plain ridiculous. The in-store promotions were clearly done to coincide with the tour. Every knows her jeans and sunglasses are out there, she does not need to go to every store that sells them, this is impossible and ridiculous.



Anonymous said...

thats so true, just the fact that it has her name on it would make people buy it

ryan said...

I agree. Victoria doesn't have the time to go to every store. She's busy with her line right now, and as you said clearly everyone knows that her jeans are out there.

Jeanne said...

I don't think Kitson are in a position to dump her line when they depend on celebrity brands and Victoria is coming off a huge tour with the Spice Girls, guest spot on Project Runway, Vogue cover etc...As if every brand stocked by Kitson is promoted directly by the designer at the Kitson store!

Rock*Star said...

hey ,

I agree with U FC .. She looks bored to me too ..

She also looked bored in Davids 100cap match against France ..

I dnt mind Victoria not smiling , actually I LOVE iT !

But she should've look more Happy for David in his 100 cap match ..

withlovetyra[dot]com said...

Bullcrap, Kitson & Fred Segal are just dumping the line because she says she's to busy to appear at their store.

Meg said...

hmm, seems like notw are running and exagerating the comment from kitson about her not promoting. was her line ever at fred segal?

jen said...

I know this is off topic, but as Victoria said before the media does not like to post pictures of her smiling, and this won't end up in any magazines, so they make it look like she never smiles, even though clearly she does.

Ames said...

Hi FC,

Kitson hasn't dropped her line but according to People Mag. sales are slow. I love VB and I understand that her fashion is for the elite fashonistas but even the best jeans are priced below her lowest and/or have a variety of prices.

BTW, Great Site!