Monday, 21 April 2008

David Beckham Shows Off His Soccer Skills On Ellen Degeneres Show

Here is a screen grab of David Beckham's appearance on the Ellen Degeneres show.

The show is due to be broadcast on Thursday.

Can't wait.



brit said...

He looks fantastic, whenever a picture captures him kicking a ball he always looks so artistic, if thats the right word. He is such a pro. Can't wait to see him on the show!

jdg6385 said...

I'll be sure to have my video ready!

ryan said...

yeah I agree, artistic is the word. You could so draw that.

Je suis l'art said...

I will make sure to tune in for the show. Gracias.

Patricia said...

I'm not sure if everyone can view it outside of the states. But there's a new video clip up on the Ellen website of David Beckham kicking the ball and Ellen asking him to "take something off" haha.

( and click on Thursday )