Monday, 21 April 2008

Victoria Beckham Denies Katie Holmes Fall Out

Victoria Beckham and Katie Holmes were joined at the hip but rumours the pals have drifted apart resurfaced last week when the Katie failed to show at the Victoria's recent 34th birthday celebrations, despite being in town.

It is now reported that things got a bit awkward when they apparently bumped into each other at a restaurant and Victoria got the cold shoulder.

Whilst Tom Cruise got up and hugged VB, its reported Katie remained seated at the table.

A Beckham spokesperson has been quick to deny any beef between ladies saying:

"They all had a drink together, and Tom and Katie and David and Victoria were all out for dinner together last Friday."

I am staying on the fence with this one. I don't know what to believe, but I do find it very strange she did not attend VB's celebrations.

I just hope we don't get a repeat of the Kitson saga, where they both go out hand in hand to prove they are still friends.



Anonymous said...

Although I don't really mind, I thought it was reported that Katie couldn't attend VB's birthday party because she - and Tom Cruise- were attending a Gala... to be followed :-)

peach said...

I think even if they did have a falling out, she wouldn't publicly acknowledge it b/c David and Tom are so close.

ryan said...

I wouldn't cry if they weren't friends anymore. But if they are cool. It's just I like Victoria's new friends better (Eva) they have more in common. Katie is boring to me.