Thursday, 24 April 2008

Victoria Beckham Breaks Into The FHM Sexiest Top 100

FHM today announced it Top 100 Sexiest women.

Victoria Beckham debut at No. 98. I am not sure she has ever been on this list, but I am glad guys are seeing her for what she is once sexy fashionista.

You can see the whole 100 sexiest women here.

I know everyone has their favourite Victoria picture, this is mine. Taken during the 2006 World Cup when she flew back to London to get her hair extensions redone. So sexy with the black silk shirt, the leather skirt and the exposed bra.


Amber said...

That's my favourite photo too FC! I love everything about her outfit, very sexy yet classy. I think she should've gotten a higher spot than 98, after seeing some of the other ppl on that list.

Anonymous said...

I'm kinda confused... The last I checked Victoria is #99.

Isn't that the official site?

Je suis l'art said...

Wow! that's also my favorite Victoria picture!!! I even have it as my cellphone background =]
Hopefully next year she'll be in the top 25. (anything higher than Madonna)

ryan said...

Yeah same here, on the site I check Victoria is No.99
Even though I definitely think she should be top 3 but whatever.

Anonymous said...

My friends told me that the US version is the official one, and Victoria's at #99.

The one FC posted is UK version, I believe. Emma Watson isn't in the US list, but she is in the UK version.

stylish said...

showing your bra maybe sexy but it certainly isnt classy!