Thursday, 24 April 2008

Ellen Lusts Over David Beckham

I know that David Beckham is due to air-or has already aired- in the US today.

For those of us still waiting for someone to download it to You Tube, here is a cute comedy sketch from the Ellen show all about David and his shirt being off.

A topic I love.


Jo said...

oh my god! this is so funny but would be true. can't wait to see him today in a couple of hours,yay!
I'm recording it.

Je suis l'art said...

Hahahaha the show was Hilarious. Ellen just kills me.

Jo said...

Yay! i saw it and recorded it. he was so cute and funny. love him.

Janie said...

She's great ian't she! I mean shes gay and she still loves our boy! She's brilliant. love her!