Thursday, 10 April 2008

In David's Closet - PRPS Jeans

As I get so many request to find out what David Beckham is wearing, I made a conscious effort to find out more about his clothes and where you guys can them from.

Starting with his jeans. David's denim of choice is by a jean label called PRPS.

They are, as you can imagine, the most expensive men's jeans on the market. They only use the highest quality African cotton which is woven on old Levi's looms to produce unique looking jeans that really stand out a mile from the rest of the high street. Quality and style don't come cheap though, these jeans retail at over £200.

Depending on the style and wash you require, you can buy these jeans from:

£175-£295 from Sarah Coggles
£260-3300 from Milan Clothing
£190-£345 from Matches Fashion

But I guess when dVb Mens jeans launch, that will be his brand of choice.

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enchantress said...

i love the fact that he pays attention to how he wears his clothes. you can tell by the way he leave his shirt tucked or untucked. it seems like every detail was done on purpose.

Ryan said...

Thank you for starting "David's Closet" but I'm guessing none of those stores are in Canada right? If not I'll wait for the mens denim of DVB, as I know what store they'll be in Canada, seeming they gave the womens denim of DVB. Can't wait!