Thursday, 3 April 2008

David Beckham Meets His Victoria For Lunch After She Goes Shopping

After Victoria Beckham went shopping for her stunning Chanel bag, she met David for lunch, were I would like to think she excitedly showed him her purchases.

Tonight the LA Galaxy play at home to the San Jose Earthquakes. Hopefully the Galaxy can start off at home with a win.

For those that were asking for it the click of comedian and The View host Sherri Shepherd teasing David it is below.

He looks really scared of her, but at the end she tells him that she was only playing.

The clip is not available in all countries, so click on the link if the video does not work for you.



jen said...

Hi, I know it's a bit late but, the dress & bag Victoria was wearing on Easter Sunday when she was w/ Kate Beckinsale & both their families was Michael Kors. Sorry it's late, just found it out.

jen said...

The bag she wore on Easter sunday was Michael Kors.

Fashion Critic said...

thanks I found it myself last night

Rock*Star said...

Sherri Shepherd is Hilarious !

And David looks so ADORABLE when he's shy..


Thank U for blogging this ..

jessica said...

She is very scary

peach said...

Oh god how cute does he look when he's embarrassed?

LucyLuv said...

hahaha "i think i just got pregnant" posh must be seething..poor david..he looked so scared

Janie said...

oh my goodness i would love to tease that man and have him blush like that all day long. And his smile just light up the place. he does enough smileing for the both of them! so cute. (and she was very funny too.never heard of her though.) oh i'm mad about the boy!

brit said...

lol shes so funny, i have diabetes whooo ur fiiinne. i lv her accent.