Tuesday, 8 April 2008

Victoria Beckham The 3rd Most Stylish Transformation

Here is a video of Victoria Beckham on E! 25 Most Stylish Transformations.

Most of the commentators have something nice to say about her post Spice Girls look.


Rock*Star said...

COOL ! Third is not bad at all .. its realy good :)

Congrats Vicky :*

I wonder who's first !

I bet Katie Holmes is on the list too ..

Krisha said...

In the video where Victoria is talking about being a "girly girl", she looks absolutely beautiful. Her dark hair pinned nicely, white tank and black blazer look so sophisicated...love her!

peach said...

She looks absolutely beautiful here at the beginning of the clip. So natural and I love her with a little weight on her. She looks very natural.

I have to say the 'me and David' goes right through me every time. Repeat after me, Vic, 'David and I, David and I'! lol

chikk said...

victoria looks gorgeous with the long hair!