Saturday, 31 January 2009

Victoria Beckham's YSL Trib Two Heels Back In Stock

I few of you have been asking me about Victoria Beckham's YSL Trib Two heels.

I was in Selfridges the other day and these heels have been reissued for this Spring season in leather, but not the patent Victoria is wearing.

The new version has a gold sole, not black, like Victoria's, and not blue like the picture above.

The heels cost £475, and you should check your local YSL store, or luxury department store to see if they have them.


Rock*Star said...

I wasnt much of a fan of those heels until I saw how Victoria works them. I instantly fall in love with them.

But I dnt think they're the timeless kind of shoe.
Remember the first YSL Trib? its history now.I would be intiminated to buy this one.

Janie said...

Whoopie! thanks for the heads up dvb

Anonymous said...

I wish I had money to buy it. They are amazing heels