Sunday, 11 January 2009

David Beckham Makes His Debut For AC Milan

Here is the first picture from Getty, of David Beckham making his debut for AC Milan.

Unfortunately, AC Milan are currently a goal behind.

You can watch all the action HERE.

UPDATE: 1-1. Pato scored after 46 mins. David jumped on his back when Pato scored, so we should get some great pictures of Becks.

UPDATE: 1-2. AC Milan are now winning. Pato scored again after 52 mins.

UPDATE: Damn it 2-2. Roma just scored after 71 mins. COME ON MILAN.

UPDATE: The game finished 2-2 and David played very well, which is most important. Great to see David back playing good football. Free Image Hosting at


Anonymous said...

lol fc

Anonymous said...

I'm so happy he had played *yay* And I liked his play much more today (sorry it sounds like a German sentence).


Meg said...

I'm surprised he played that long. He was good but their defense is poor, though Roma good lucky on their 2nd goal.

Bea said...

Glad he got to start!! I thought he played a good, solid game. Love how he looks like part of the team in the celebrations! but I doubt it would have hurt to have him subbed off around the 75th minute or so for Flamini (who is so missed at Arsenal I'm sure you'll agree FC!). Hopefully he made a good impression.

DVB said...

I hate to admit it, but we do really miss Flamini

kat said...

for perhaps the millionth time i once again tried logging on to praying for an update, a cute video blog but it appears that dvb style is no more as it automatically redirects me to her dress collection site now, tear.

however, i think this is one further step to prove that she is a true designer and not trying to piggy back off her fame