Friday, 23 January 2009

In Victoria's Closet - Loewe 'Calle' Ostrich Bag

Big thanks to Arielle and bloarpolr for i-Ding Victoria Beckham's newest bag.

The slouchy, oversize tote is called 'Calle' Ostrich bag, from Loewe.

The bag retails at $10,000.

I adore it in the buttery yellow.


mary said...

i love her short hair!!!
loewe is amazing!!!! :D

Corinne said...

I much prefer it in the yellow.

Janie said...

I love ostrich, maybe thats cruel, i dunno. Ostriches arn't very nice creatures (and arn't used in thefood industry so hmmm.)moral dillema. Anyway I like it better in the black but purple would be really lovely. (I have a purple Bayswater in Ostrich and its smashing.) Oooo yer or hot pink!

nisha said...

love love love this bag just adore is amazing but i think she should have got the yellow as it is very different from other bags and looks so much better in that colour.this bag is so special its so beautiful in the yellow it would have gone well with her outfit too.thanks for posting and thanks to Arielle and bloarpolr

Alexa said...

agree better in yellow