Sunday, 25 January 2009

Gooooooooaallll !!!!!!!!

David Beckham scored his first goal for AC Milan in the Italian club's 4-1 Serie A victory against 10-man Bologna.

His goal came after 2 goals from Kaka, and another from Clarence Seedorf.

David is set to return to the MLS on March 9, but at this rate he looks to be having so much fun, the question is now will he return?

So far, Beckham has started all three of Milan's matches since he arrived.

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Anonymous said...

I watched the game. I couldn't believe when he scored. He was as happy as a baby, all smiles!

He had one more clear chance, shame it wasn't another goal.


BEA-anna-luke said...

BECKS !!!! BECKS !!!! BECKS !!!!!

Bea said...

Hooray!! Great goal and I love when he scores from the run of play.

Sara said...

Great goal ! I'm so happy form him :D

Meg said...

YAY! I'm soo happy for him.
I'm still surprised that he's started every game. Goes to show that he performs at the level of his team and opponents.

Thanks for the pics DVB, especially the Seedorf ass grab :)

DVB said...

Yeah, I thought that was cute too.

nisha said...

yaya cheers for becks i was screaming when i heard this news i had to go out and could not check the updates but i was so happy to see that he scored his first goal and what a great goal it was. i am so delighted for him. he was so happy and the team played so well.i am suprised to that he has played in every match alot of people were saying that he has not got what it takes anymore to play good but this just goes to show that he has still got that great power to do amazing things.he has been able to play so weell in each of the games and regained his fitness i am so happy.he really deserved this goal.his smile was so sweet and his team mates were really hapy to i love how they are all celebrating hugging and jumping onto each sweet.i bet he went straight and rang victoria as he said once that i can not celebrate fully until i know what my wife feels and i need to share everything with her to be fully happy as she is my best friend.thanks for posting

Chikako said...

I'm so happy that David is doing so well in Milan. What a great moves on the pitch! I always thought David must be very frustrated playing for the Galaxy. They often miss great opportunities. : ( I know the Galaxy is reconfiguring the team. Hopefully David will come back to the MLS for at least one more year and win the trophy! And I'm looking forward to seeing David in action for England team!!!

Anonymous said...

He should stay in Milan!

loredana samuele gabriele said...

Great Goal...Congratulation to David.
We fans can vote and give to him the oppurtunity to be elected footballer of the week,go on
and clik on the word of red color an automatically send an email ,writing just the name Beckham
Ciao from Italy