Monday, 5 January 2009

David Beckham's Family To Return To LA

It has been reported today that David Beckham has said that Victoria will return to Los Angeles with their children whilst he plays for AC Milan

"Everyone knows how much I love my wife and my children, but at the same time I love football," he told reporters.

He has said that the three-month loan from LA Galaxy to Milan would disrupt his sons' education.

"My children will remain in Los Angeles due to school and Victoria will remain with them. When she comes to Milan she will remain with me for a couple of days," he said.

"I love my team, the Los Angeles Galaxy, but this is a great experience," Beckham said. "Not everyone has had the opportunity to play at what everyone considers to be the best club in the world. I feel fortunate to have this great chance."

"I do not regret the choices I have made in the past because all of them I have thought through, including going to America. I have experienced a fantastic time there but now I am here and I only want to concentrate on this."

Beckham added: "I am always ready to play but it will be the coach that makes the decision. Physically, I know that I have to work hard to be 100 per cent, not just to play but to play better."

Here are some new pictures from today's training session. I have added those that focus on David's tattoo.

I still can't 100% work out what it is supposed to be.

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heather ♥ said...

Hey FC, happy new year! and thanks for posting!
I was just signing up for shopping updates on Net-A-Porter and noticed that Victoria Beckham is listed as a designer you can get product updates on! When I clicked her name it just took me to the designer list, which she is not yet listed on, but it seems as though she is going to be very soon!
Here is the link:
she is listed under the "V" section!
I'm so happy to see that! and would imagine she is thrilled as she wrote about using net-a-porter in her fashion book!
anyways, just thought I would tell you in case you hadn't already seen it!