Thursday, 22 January 2009

Victoria Beckham Jets Out Of Milan

Victoria Beckham was spotted arriving at the Milan Airport to catch a departing flight.

Victoria was sporting a fur coat along with a navy tank, navy skinny jeans and Christian Louboutin heels.

I don't know about you, but I am not crazy about the coat, but I love the bag.

Unfortunately I have not found out who it is by yet.

In her Russian Vogue interview, Victoria spoke about her new collection, she said:

"Forties and 50s underwear played a big influence on the collection, but the inspiration is me."

"I have tried every one of the dresses on, lived in them, to work out what feels right. I hope the silhouette is what every woman wants to wear."

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Rebecca said...

I don't love the style of the coat but I am impressed with how real the faux fur looks. Do you know who it is by? The bag is fabulous!

jen said...

hmmmm...idk either about the bag..mayb gucci??

snowwhite said...

I think she's got new handbag...She wear it when they went to Milan can see this video, and you can see it on it:

bloarpolr said...

the bag is from Loewe

Arielle said...

The bag is Loewe!
It's from the Autumn Winter 2008 Collection.
It's called the Calle and is on their website in the butter colored ostrich.

Anonymous said...

Hi there,

Is the bag from Loewe ????


DVB said...

Thanks Arielle and bloarpolr.

I just published it, with a credit to you guys.

Sondang Damanik said...

can i talk to beckam ?
ooo ya, ia have add u link, pls add me too, thanks


Janie said...

Since Victoria started getting to know Dita Von Teese I think she has definately been influenced in that way style wise and design wise now too. I wonder if she will bring out a lingerie collection soon? I'd buy it for sure as I love 40/50's inpired underwear. Its made for people with curves.Also if the coat is Faux its bloody good isn't it, I wonder where she gets those faux fur pieces from? I love the way it looks but couldn't face real fur.

nisha said...

i don't really like this jacket either but the bag is great.i wis we could get more extracts from the interview but there in russian.thanks for posting

Anonymous said...

I love that jacket. I'm sorry I wear fur and that looks like an authentic red fox chubby..

If that is faux I would love to know the designer as well. I have alot of vegan/tree hugging PETA friends now and they make me feel so bad about wearing fur. If I could find a jacket like this one in faux red fox fur I would fur in a heart beat!