Saturday, 24 January 2009

Pink Is The New Blog

Unlike 2 other Victoria Beckham sites who etched out the tags from my Vogue Russia scans, and then claimed my scans as their own, Pink Is The New Blog was decent enough to credit my site for the scans.

So a big thank you to him.


Syana said...

It's thanks to pinkisthenewblog that I discovered your blog and also used the pictures. I hope you don't mind, I didn't forget to tag you.

Your blog is excellent


Catherine said...

No post on AC's game with bologna yet so just wanna say Becks scored his very first goal for AC!!!! woohoo!! :D

watched it live on tv yay!

p/s: love ur blog, been following it for a while now..keep it up ;)

DVB said...

Amazing. thanks. Just got in so I will look for the pictures now.