Saturday, 10 January 2009

David Beckham Will NOT Play Against Roma On Sunday

David Beckham will not be in AC Milan's starting line-up against Roma in a Serie A clash on Sunday, according to Milan coach Carlo Ancelotti.

"Beckham is ready to play, but he's coming out of two months of inactivity, so it's difficult to name him as a starter for the match against Roma," said the Milan chief.

"He will play if he is in the right condition and if we consider he can give a positive contribution to the match. Beckham is a great professional, very committed and we are all happy with him, even if he will only stay at Milan for two months."

Having worked in football, I totally understand the decision, but it does not stop me from being extremely disappointed.


nisha said...

oh i was looking forward to david playing in this game but if you see it from the coach's point of view he is right to not put david in the start up line maybe he could come on as a sub you've even worked in football thats amazing.thanks for posting

Meg said...

Don't you mean he wont start? I don't think he's ready to start.

loredanasamuelegabriele said...

Sky Sport Italia has said that David will play the first minute.I hope that this news is true.
Ciao from Italy

Loe said...

Well not starting is not the same as not playing. If he's on the bench he will obviously play in the 2nd half at least. He hasn't played enough to warrant a first team place for AC Milan.

Janie said...

Oooooh what a good looking bench full!!!!