Sunday, 4 January 2009

Lady In Red

Thanks Ivanna for the heads up.

Here is a picture of David and Victoria Beckham in Dubai.

The pictures are of the couple arriving at a golf course in Dubai, which is where the AC Milan team are training.

I love how they are so supportive of each other.

Victoria is wearing a red maxi dress, which we have seen her in before, and of course her favourite taupe Birkin bag.


Anonymous said...

I don't remember seeing this dress before. Where did she wore it?


Ivanna said...

Yay dvb, you got the picture great, they are supportive of each other its inspiring. Anytime I see any picture of them that you may have missed I'll be glad to share, I dont have the time to start my own Beckham blog, so this is my number one source. Its great that we share admiration and respect for their endearing love story and glamourous life, and I appreciate you much.

Lara said...

Victoria looks so beautiful, i love that dress on her.

nisha said...

wonderful she looks fabulous in that red maxi dress we have not seen much colour on her lately and for her to come out wearing this red dress is great as i was starting to miss colour on her it was getting very boring seing her in black most of the time even though she looks so good in so nice when david or victoria do things like this for one another it is really sweet and shows how much they care about one another.thanks for posting

Janie said...

There is fabulous shopping to be had in Dubai too never mind the spousal support!