Sunday, 4 January 2009

David & Victoria Beckham Step Out For Dinner In Dubai

At last we get to see Victoria Beckham.

The fashionista looked fantastic wearing a Dolce & Gabbana Spring 2009 dress and a Dolce & Gabbana jeweled hair band.

Victoria arrived at a dinner gathering in Dubai with David and the other AC Milan players and their WAGs, which was organised by the club.

Some of you had question if Victoria was actually in Dubai, so I hope this answers your questions :)

I am not sure where she is staying, but I do know that her parents own a £8 million Palm Jumeirah villa in Dubai, so it is possible that she is staying there.

Tony and Jackie Adams received the waterfront home as a gift from David. What a great son-in-law they have.

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Rock*Star said...

The dress is beautiful.She looks so Cute :)

brit said...

she really does look so beautiful when she smiles. she looks absoloutly stunning, and i have a dress like that from all saints!

Ivanna said...

Gorgeous, she looks amazing. I hope she keeps her hair like this. It looks better grown out. dvb, I dont know if you'll be able to find them but there are pics of Victoria and David at a golf center I think from the 30th. Victoria was seen in a long Maxi red dress and carrying her gray birkin. It seems that the beautiful family spent New Years in Dubai. I would link the pics but Im browsing from my cell.

batool said...

OMG OMG i just wish that victoria is there at tuesdays match as well so that i can hopefully see them both together!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:D

nisha said...

wow it is so nice to see them together like this after so many days of just david traning.i didn't see this at first for some reason i skipped this post i only saw it now.they look so cute i knew she would surely come to dubai but was starting to wonder why she isn't going anywhere but atlast there are some pictures of her.i remember when he gave the house as a gift to them he is just such a great person.he kind of looks a bit nervous or shy i think victoria handles meeting new people better than david so he is kind of standing behind her so sweet bless him.thanks for posting

Anonymous said...

Bloody awful polo shirt Becks is wearing though! Is he losing his satorial style?-one asks.