Saturday, 10 January 2009

Taking A Trip Down Memory Lane

I was looking up Beckham stuff on You Tube, and I found this really cute interview which was done years ago on a show called Victoria's Secrets.

Those of you outside the UK may have never seen this so enjoy.

I love how she giggles all the way through the interview.

♥ them.


Anita said...

I saw this video a couple months ago, for the first time. They are soooooo adorable and so in love. You can tell by the way David is looking at her that he is head over heels in love with her.

Rock*Star said...

AWWWW at the end of the video.

They're beautiful.She's SOO ADORABLE.
And the way he looks at her *sigh*

Halle said...

The part where she says "I reckon you has better trainers than Mel C" and she responds "because my husband is dead sporty" is my favorite. What a perfect interview! She is adorable and he is very much in love!

Sasha said...

I love it! Thank you very much!
She's sooo different in it from now, but I suppose you can expect that cause I think it was about 9-10 years back...

nisha said...

i have seen this before quite a few times actually when i was looking for the show that this was in the whole show was great.victoria has such a great personaility and you can see how she has become more confident know but is still really funny like she was here actually i think she is funnier know.their style used to be so different back then i remember seeing lots of pictures of them in this year and david was always really into bandanis and victoria used to wear baggy jeans and trousers even trainers i can' imagine that was really cute though especially when david opens the door and the way they look at each other is adorable and they do it through out the can even hear brooklyn in the background.i just love watching interviews and stuff from the past about them as you get to see how much they have matured over the years.thanks for posting

naz said...

they are the most gorgeous and amazing couple!!!
i love the part when she says that david is much more sexy than a Valentino bag!!!
that is sooooooo sweet!!!!!