Sunday, 4 January 2009

In Victoria's Closet - Red Maxi Dress

In answer to your question of when did Victoria Beckham wear this red dress before. She wore it when she was exiting a private jet last year.

This is why I have a fashion blog. I never forget a dress.


Anonymous said...

LOL. No wonder i forgot about it.


David said...

I stumbled over your fashion blog a few days ago trying to find a blog focused on male fashion, do you know any good ones?

DVB said...

Hey David,

I am not sure but contact the webmaster at Vogueite.

He knows a lot about fashion and maybe able to help you

Dorian Gray said...

You don't forget anything 'cause you're the best! I love both your blogs!

lorra said...

though she look great but i dont know how can she wear such a dress it freezing in dubai im from kuwait and kuwait and dubai have a desert weather very hot summer and very short but very cold winter

DVB said...

Thanks DG

Lorra, she never wears a coat. LOL