Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Victoria Beckham Shopping At The Grove

Victoria Beckham was seen shopping at the Grove yesterday with Cruz and her parents.

She was wearing all black - as we have come to expect - and carrying a Miu Miu bag we saw her carrying last year.

To see more 30 more pictures from her shopping trip click here.


pierre said...

so im just wondering.
clothing can express a lot of emotions and feelings.
does the fact that she is wearing a lot of black and dark clothes show tough times in the beckham house and with their respective careers? OR am I just looking to far into this.

DVB said...

Pierre, I don't think you are looking too far into this.

In relation to your opinion, I think this maybe a result of David's intentions to remain in Milan.

Victoria has been at her happiest in LA, but if David does stay in Milan, she will have to move away from the place she loves.

Ernie said...

What explain the red dress last week then? She's maybe pissed at the prospect of moving again, but I don't think it reflects on her clothes.

snowwhite said...

I can't see those shoes anymore...