Monday, 26 January 2009

Victoria Beckham Returns To LA

Victoria Beckham arrived back in LA on Sunday following her stay in Milan.

Since we saw her leave Milan on Thursday, I will assume she possibly was in London for a few days before traveling onto LA.

Victoria was wearing head to toe black wearing a satin black tunic, black pants, YSL Trib Two pumps, dVb glasses and her Loewe 'Calle' Bag.

Her look was without one of her Dolce & Gabbana headbands she has grown to love.

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Rock*Star said...

I love it when she lets her hair down like this. It has grown a lot lately.

Erica D Ireland said...

i love it but i would like a a bit more colour , her hair has grown very quick kinda like me ! i prefer her with short hair , her long hair days i think are gone for her .

luv ya

keep up the great work its my fav blog love the banner !


Anonymous said...

It's such a shame she won't be at Paris Fashion Week. Long were the days when we saw her face at fashion shows.

Over the last year we only saw her at Marc Jacobs shows and she went to Roberto Cavalli Menswear Show with the Spice Girls. I wish she teams up with her LA friends Eva Longoria and Kate Beckinsale and goes to the upcoming Ready-to-Wear fashion weeks in New York, Milan and Paris.

We rarely get red carpet pictures from her, so fashion shows are the 2nd best option. I'm tired of all the airport and car pix.


Anonymous said...

Why is it impossible to see the large version of the pictures?

Rock*Star said...

I miss her appearances in fashion shows too Electra.

But,its her life.Who are we to judge !

Kimera said...

this is a video when victoria was 24 years old, its very cute i hope you like it.

Vanessa said...

i love this outfit!! one of my favorite ones on her yet