Monday, 24 December 2007

Who Wore The RM by Roland Mouret 'Arial' Skirt Better?

Victoria Beckham appeared on Jay Leno back in July wearing this RM by Roland Mouret ensemble. The skirt she is wearing is called the Arial skirt.

It looks like it's copy Victoria Beckham, week as Katie Holmes was spotted on Friday wearing the same RM by Roland Mouret Arial skirt whilst out shopping, with the largest Hermes Birkin I have ever seen.

Even Victoria does not have a Hermes Bag that big.



KaddyB said...

It's a Haut a Courroies
It was meant for horse riders to use for their saddles
i guess katie fell in love

Lauren said...

i like what they're both wearing, but i wanted to say that victoria beckham gets a lot of slack for being thin, but katie looks just as thin if not thinner and considering katies height she is far too thin.But i guess the magazines want to pick on victoria beckham