Saturday, 22 December 2007

Spice Girls Sing Live On 'Strictly Come Dancing'

Here is a video of the Spice Girls live performance on 'Strictly Come Dancing' on BBC1 this evening.

I love not only the outfits, but also the performance by the girls.

You can tell that they are totally in-sync and extremely comfortable in this performance.

I love the fact that they are singing live, even Victoria.

See she can do it.

It is funny how the crowd do not clap when Victoria does her solo part. It is because they are all curious to hear her sing live.



peach said...

Good job, VB. I'm glad they did a song where you can really hear their voices. Ironically I didn't love Mel C's voice here even though she's normally the best of the bunch.

jdg6385 said...

Yeah I noticed that aswell and she sounds fine.

buddy said...

i'm sorry FC,
i know you love vic, but truth to be told even i can sing better than that and i'm no singer

Fashion Critic said...

Buddy I have never said she was a good singer, even she says she is not the best singer.

I like her for her style and not her voice.

Isla said...

can I just say that Emma looks gorgeous?!

Fashion Critic said...

I agree. For once they have styled her to look like a woman and not a 12 year old.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know how to get screen shots from videos? I was hoping we'd be able to get a full frontal view of Victoria's dress in a picture.

peach said...

I totally agree about Emma = her hair is beautiful but I don't like the Farrah look they have going on for her on the tour. She looks stunning here.

The thing about Victoria's singing is that maybe she's not the best, but they talk about her as though she can't carry a tune and obviously she can.

Isla said...

there is a key on the keyboard called "print screen". use it when you want to capture the screen. the paste in "paint" ;)

bairre said...

this video shows that Victoria is pretty good singer in comparison to the other girls.

Victoria isn't talentless at all! as i see it, she's much better than Geri or Emma. the problem is that she tends to be rather self-conscious and she sometimes chickens out. i guess that's why she decided not to sing during her solo performances.

Posh may not have the strongest voice in the world but i love her anyway. as FC said her fashion sense is worthy of praise and that's why she remains gorgeous.

Ljn.- said...


this performace was just wonderful! I'm so glad to finally be able to hear the girls' voices clearly and live.
Thnx so much for posting the vid!:D
And yes, EMMA looks stunning.
And no, Victoria hasn't got the greatest voice, but she still should show it more frequently.


enchantress said...

agreed. she might not be the best singer but victoria can still sing. i think her self-consciousness is what keeps the rumors going, and the more people say she can't sing, the more likely she won't sing for us!

i love her for her style, her sense of humor, her success as a beautiful mother of three...not her singing though.
anyways, talent or no talent, she is still the most successful to me.

ROCK*STAR said...

I Think EMMA Looked best ..