Monday, 31 December 2007

A Year In Photos - Victoria Beckham


stuphs08 said...

nice blog u have there. keep it up. we are just coming up. take care

melissa said...

love it! you can't post enough for me!

Ljn.- said...


I would have loved to wear Victoria's
outfits during 2007! =)
happy new year!


SET said...


Guest said...

Victoria looks amazing. I want that wardrobe!

maria said...

She's best looking at the beginning and the end of the year. I didn't like her blonde short hairdo in the middle of the year.

electra said...

Best outfits in my opinion:
- Jay Leno outfit by Roland Mourett
- Marc Jacobs Fashion Show dress by Herve Leger
- Vanity Fair dress by A. Alaia
- NY to LA airport red dress by Roland Mourett
- Oscar de la Renta dress
- Giambattista Valli dress (her best outfit this year, imo)

Fashion Critic said...

The red dress was by Azzedine Alaia.

My favourite is between the top two of Roland Mouret and Roberto Cavall.

electra said...

Oh, i see, i confused it aswell. It's a stunning dress, no matter who designed it!

If i have to be completaly honest i would say that 2007 wasn't her best year in clothes, i much prefer 2006 (mostly from the pob era) and especially 2003, which was her best year imo.

JennR said...

I have just discoverd your blog and i bloody love it! I live in Australia so if you have any info abotu how i can get my hands on some spice girls tkts that wouyld be tops! Also my fav outfit in this little montage of pics in the very last. Simple white shirt, pink top and brown simple, so classic so hot!

Kepp up the great work!