Tuesday, 11 December 2007

Victoria Beckham's Interview on Larry King Live

Victoria Beckham calls her husband "a Spice Boy," and also hinted that he'll follow the band for the remainder of their world tour.

She told US TV host Larry King: "We really complement each other. He's a very, very romantic man. He's a Taurean and most Taureans are very romantic. I'm very lucky."

Victoria insists she is no longer jealous of the attention he receives from other women.

She said: "I think when we were younger - you know, obviously, it's very difficult being married to someone like David."

"He's incredibly good looking. But I think the older that we get I'm proud of him. I'm proud of his talent. I'm proud of the way that he looks. And I'm flattered when people find him attractive. But he's a very loyal man and he's a fantastic, fantastic husband."

She also says that she is not pregnant :(

But that goalie line came out again. *eyeroll*

I must say I am a little disappointed in this interview. It all seems very scripted as Larry appears to be reading the questions from paper, which is something he does not normally do.



emma said...

I feel the same way, FC. I feel as if I've heard all these questions before and all the same answers. like how she is so happy in LA, what she thinks about celebrities designing clothes, etc... I thought she was going to talk about her book and more about her plans for DVB, but that never happened. I have to say I'm a little disappointed.

bri said...

this interview was just a big WTF?! larry king is just losing it. he came across as slightly rude and uninterested but she handled it real well I have to say. the questions were pretty standard but when she started talking about her fashion line he kept cutting her off!! he even cut her off to speak to the editor of ELLE!! and to top it all off they showed pics of the beckham's LOOKALIKES during the montages!!! i get that its a fluff piece but i was just shocked at how crap CNN and Larry came off as. best lines of the interview:

"How'd you come up with the name Brooklyn?"
"Found out I was preggers in Brooklyn and I just really liked the name"
"Have you ever been to Brooklyn?"

WTF?!! that's all i have to say

Anonymous said...

Okay, at 2:48 that does not look like Victoria but more like that lookalike of hers...is it just me? It's bothering me...

enchantress said...

why do they keep asking the same questions?!?! its annoying now...
i think i've heard about scientology too often already

Fashion Critic said...

Bri, totally. Larry really did not give a damn. He could not be less interested if he tried.

Marie said...

Hi Fashion Critic,

part 2 and 3 of the interview are now on youtube too.

electra said...

She was basically asked the same questions on Jay Leno (4 months ago) and Ellen (last month).

LOL at the question about "The newset rumour is that Tom is converting you to Scientology", i thought she would anwser "That's an OLD one", but she gave that same diplomatic anwser like she always does.

Simon Fuller was behind the questions and anwsers, i'm affraid.

I think the interview would have been slightly better if she was actually in the studio.

And whenever she's on a talk show she never promotes her book or dVb line, i don't get it.

Janie said...


Ljn.- said...


I agree. So rude from Larry King to look that uninterested... he's a journalist! he just cant be like that, even if he doesnt care about the person he's interviewing!