Monday, 17 December 2007

Who Wore Dior By John Galliano Better? Victoria Beckham or Kate Hudson

Jersey tanks and suspender pants from the Dior by John Galliano Spring 2008 collection are popular in January 2008 magazines.

Victoria Beckham is on the cover of US Elle Magazine, wearing this ensemble, and Kate Hudson's editorial is for US Vogue.

Victoria's pose is front on and sexy with her shoulder strap falling, whereas Kate's is more fun, cute and quirky.

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Lilflowa said...

err Victoria ofcourse :p lol Kate does look cute tho...but not cute enough for me to break my loyalty lmao!

Anonymous said...


I just found this, did you see this?


Anonymous said...

Kate looks so cute, but Victoria's pose is much better and I like how Victoria make a sexy fashion into something sexier. LOL

Devi said...

Victoria of course! She looks very cute wearing suspender tanks to show off some curves :)

Hi there! I'm a big fan of Posh too. Nice blog ;)

Fashion Critic said...

Hey Devi,

Thanks girl.

Come back often ;)

FC x