Monday, 10 December 2007


OK....I have finished drooling over my keyboard.

David Beckham's new advertising campaign will see him on billboards in major cities such as New York, Los Angeles, London, Milan, Rome, Paris and Tokyo.

Giorgio Armani said: "David is truly a modern day icon in that his fame extends well beyond the realm of soccer. He is considered as one of the world's most talented soccer players and a former captain of his national team, but his image has come to stand for more than this."

"He represents a notion of modern masculinity: as a sports hero, husband and father. He is also a man with a great sense of style. There was a time when soccer players were not always considered to be fashion role models. David Beckham has helped to change that."

David signed a reported £20million deal to star in Armani campaigns for 3 years.

Three years of David in his pants? This is too much for me to handle.



bat said...

doesnt he feel weird of showing everyone himself in underpants?but very hot.........!

Janie said...

Three years of underwear sporting Becks!
It will be difficalt to weather, but I'll try and stay strong.
( sweat breaks out on top lip and eyes start glazing over with lust)
Must try harder.Its no good! Going into meltdown! Arghhhhhhh!!!!!!!
Too hot! too hot!Quick F.C. get the bucket of cold water!

Amy Tillery said...

OMG Now that's HOTT!!!

bri said...

nygah....victoria's a lucky bitch. so freakin' gorgeous. they shouldn't be putting these up on billboards unless they're wanting more traffic accidents.

so tell us FC, is this second post really just to bring us more info or just a shameless excuse to post the pic again? lol...i wouldn't blame you if it was.

Fashion Critic said...

Janie bucket??? how about a waterfall?

Dude is TOOOO hot.

Bri...honestly...I had to take a moment. I was actually speechless. I was mesmerized by his six pack abs, his face, this bulge. It was too much. But you are right any excuse.

lilflowa said...

haha lol bri.thats what i thought too...its just a shameless excuse isnt it FC? ;) hehe

SexySpice said...

brand beckham bitch.

peach said...

holy jeez. I am at a loss for words.

buddy said...

oh crap!! OH CRAP!! OH CRAP!!!
F.c i'm lost!!!
(drowning.... drowning..)

buddy said...

oh that's why he waxed his legs.there was this huge outcry that he had waxed his legs you know cos no man waxes his legs(at least to my knowledge)
LOL briyou cannot be more true there is gonna be more traffic accidents if this god is shown on billboards

electra said...

Maybe he's wearing those new push-up panties?

Every man (and woman) should know this bulge is not in real proportions or he is hung like a horse, but we've seen him in speedos before and he was nowhere near this size.

The picture is a photoshopped heaven, he doesn't have that kind of a six-pack at all.

enchantress said...

i wouldnt mind a guy who waxed his legs...especially if he has a face/body like that...
oh gosh...i wish this pic was in his official 2008 calendar. the pics in it arent as hot as this one!!!

bat said...

3 years of him in underpants.And then he says he is very shy person!he's bringing sexy pants..yeh