Wednesday, 19 December 2007

Spice Girls Kids Join Them On Stage For "Mama"

Isn't this the cutiest thing you ever saw?

The Spice Girls invited their young children on stage for the final date before Christmas.

Brooklyn, Romeo, Cruz, Phoenix Chi, and Angel Iris all joined their mothers on stage for their classic hit "Mama". As you can see the youngest were well protected with ear phones.

Beau must be proud to be the youngest person to take the stage at the O2 Arena at 4 months old.

Bluebell Madonna was not there. I guess she is still suffering from chicken pox.

The group pictures were taken by a fan at the concert.

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Lilly said...

Angel isn't the youngest of the Spice Girls kids. Emma's Beau is the youngest. And where is Bluebell?

Fashion Critic said...

my bad :)

Kiki said...

Awweee... Spice children are so adorably cute... I'm more amazed by the fact that Victoria could hold cruz when she's wearing high heels and sang at the same time. This woman never cease to amaze me. Mel B and Emma were holding their children as well, but they're still small babies, so it doesn't count. *winkwink*

Which concert was this one? Where? I wanna look if the video is available via torrent :P

RoMáN said...

Actually the final date before christmas is Dec. 23rd in Madrid, Spain... :D (I loooove ur blog exclusives)

BBperfume said...

Victrois 'Posh" looks a s if she's gonna break any minute holding her own kid who probably weighs heavier than herself! buahahhaha!

Allysia-May said...

They all look so cute;i guess you can call this part of the show a London special. Poor Bluebell; she missed joining Momma on stage.

Ljn.- said...


what a beautiful
idea! =) I wonder
who came up with it...
cute, very cute indeed.


brit said...

o so gorgeous, bluebell is beautiful. i can not wait to go to the concert!